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3. Within the scope of this license, Orio.com.tr is entitled with the hereinbelow mentioned rights:
i. Utilization of any means of communication, copying, licensing over to 3rd parties, adapting,
forwarding, or stealing the content,
ii. Licensing the above-mentioned rights of communication to third parties without any limitations,
iii. All the aforementioned rights include all property rights, copyrights, trademark, service
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7. Orio.com.tr does not supervise messages, information, or files that are sent to internet forums. It is acknowledged that users shall not carry out the following activities while using forums and this site:
i. Preventing others from using forums, chat rooms and other interactive media.
ii. Sending or forwarding content that may require prosecution, or content that may contradict local, national, or international laws, as well as use of illegal, menacing, pornographic, harassing content, swearwords, humiliation, offensive and vulgar language.
iii. Violation of 3rd parties’ rights of secrecy. Violation of their copyrights, trademark rights by sending software, material or information protected by right of publication, copyrights, trademark rights or property rights, without the consent of, or informing the holder.
iv. Sending or forwarding any item that may contain virus or unsafe content.
v. Sending or forwarding any item that may have commercial content or information that may contain advertisement.
vi. Browsing the site, the user assents that Orio.com.tr is not under any obligation to supervise forums, chat rooms and/or other interactive sites.
vii. Orio.com.tr retains the right to expose, change, refuse to publish any content that may be partially or wholly incompatible with the abovementioned rules, to comply with the administrative or state requisitions.

8. Orio.com.tr does not bear any responsibility for any kind of direct or indirect losses due to the information, comments, evaluations, statistical diagrams given on the website.

9. Personal data (emails, date of birth, etc) attained from 3rd parties for membership procedures are not to be shared.

10. Personnel – web designers- who prepare the whole content of the site, authorized by Orio.com.tr do not bear any legal responsibility for inappropriate activities springing from the fact that the content has not been read, or misread.

11. Orio.com.tr holds the right to change or update the hereinabove mentioned conditions without informing the 3rd parties.

12. Visitors to the site assent to the terms and regulations stated above.

All the terms mentioned hereinabove are valid until nullified by Orio.com.tr without previous notification.

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