Our mission as ORIO is to produce high quality and healthy products without harming the ecological balance through a sustainable cultivation concept, but NOT through the exploitation of soil.

ORIO is a producer of organic olive oil. We produce ORGANIC OLIVE OIL from a previously uncultivated field.

In 2005, within the Framework of Foresting and Control of Erosion Campaign Action Plan by the Ministry of Forestry, in a previously uncultivated field in Karaburun, which is an ideal place for olive production thanks to the climate, soil and moisture, a field of 800 sqm was cultivated and organic olive saplings were planted. There were some olive trees remaining from the Greek rule of the area, and which were not rejuvenated in the field, and great care was given for the protection of these trees. ORIO pioneered the production of organic olive oil in Karaburun region with a total of 17.500 trees.

ORIO also produces natural virgin olive oil (0.4 acidity) by way of cold pressing method from the organic olives of Yeşilırmak field in Ayvalık- Çandarlı region.

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