Why Organic Olive Oil?
Ecologic agriculture is a cultivation system aiming to produce high-quality products. There is no place for use of any kind of synthetic chemical fertilizers nor of pesticides or of hormones in the ecologic agriculture which aims at reconstructing the balance of nature due to mismanagement of sources. The purpose of organic agriculture is to maintain the optimized production between soil, plants, animals and human. All the national and international standards mandate that each and every step of production line and process be checked and be certified. Through certification, consumers of ecologic products, willing to sustain a healthy life and wishing to protect nature, are given an assurance.

Its effect against cancer;

It has a protective effect against cancer owing to its rich vitamin E content. The benefits of olive oil, which has an effect on the health and growth on humans from childhood to adulthood, are innumerable. According to the information given on .'www.formdakal.com.tr';
- Olive oil is preventive for heart-vessel diseases.
- Olive oil abates the effect of aging on both tissue and organs along with brain functions.
- Olive oil protects cells. Its Oleprine content protects the cells against cancer by regenerating them.
- Olive oil inhibits weight gain. The ratio of fatness is low in Mediterranean countries, where the consumption of olive oil is high.
- Olive oil reduces stomach acidity. It is the best tolerated oil by stomach.
- Olive oil eases digestion. It provides the absorption of valuable nutrients in the intestines.
- Olive oil restrains the formation of stones in gallbladder.
- Olive oil contains high amount of vitamin E, which helps impede the aging of brain and nerve trunk.
- Olive oil contains variety of antioxidants, mainly vitamin E, it regenerates cells, impedes aging of tissue and organs.
Calcification is one of the problems arising from aging. Some minerals, such as calcium, prevent calcification. Increasing the effect of these minerals in the body, olive oil plays an important role against calcification.

Recent researches show that olive oil helps prevent some ailments caused by diabetes, most important of which are heart and vessel diseases. Cholesterol level in the blood increases due to diabetes. Olive oil, on the other hand, helps keep the cholesterol under control and thus protecting the health of heart and vessels.

One of the side effects of diabetes is that it causes oxidants to form during the digestion. As mentioned before, olive oil greatly reduces the side effects of oxidants through its antioxidant content. Apart from all these, olive oil also contributes to maintain the level of blood sugar.

Having completed the necessary procedures to produce organic products, Orio Yeşilırmak grove now possesses CERES Certification (Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH). Our certificate number is : TR-0T-010/ 051-S / 2008-001/011..

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